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12 Pack Outdoor Stainless Steel Solar Lights - Solar Landscape Lighting

12 Pack Outdoor Stainless Steel Solar Lights - Solar Landscape Lighting

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Ditch Your Unreliable Dim Battery Powered Lights For Brand New Bright & Easy Solar Yard Lights 


Enjoy The Yard Again

  • Our solar lights are bright & beautiful, making them perfect for everything from solar garden lights to patio, garden, porch, yard paths and walkways
  • Unlike the competition, our solar led lights are simple & easy to install, no more wrecking your prefect yard installing wires and digging trenches.


Durable & Modern

  • Our solar powered outdoor lights are built from stainless steel & glass, making them waterproof and weatherproof. 
  • Every one of the 8 led's in each of our solar lights are engineered to last thousands of hours, making maintenance on them almost non existent. 

Bright & Lasting

  • Our solar outside lights have been upgraded from the standard 6 lights to our unique set of 8 led's, allowing you to see more and easier after a hard days work.
  • Our upgraded solar lights also include a built-in 600 mAh large-capacity Ni-MH rechargeable battery, simply turn them on, leave them in the sun for 4-6 hours, and you will have lights that last all night (8-10 hours or more)


    • MAKE SURE the switch is correctly in the "ON" position, check by covering the solar panel with your hands, see if the light turns on automatically.
    • Install the solar product correctly where it can get direct sunlight. 
    • Leave the switch to "ON" position.
    • Select an outdoor location which AWAY FROM OTHER LIGHT SOURCES AT NIGHT, such as street lights. Or It may not turn on automatically at night. The light sensor is very sensitive and make sure the solar panel is not exposed in light.
    • Duration of light depends on solar product's level of sunlight exposure, geographical locations, weather conditions and the length of daytime.
    • If the solar panel does not light up after it has been used beyond 8 - 12 months, remove and replace the rechargeable batteries.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Greyson W.
    Simple and Easy

    Use common sense the base is plastic. Pre dig hole. The top is a simple metal finish. The lights are bright. I picked the warm color light. They stay lit most of the night. Happy with purchase and price.

    Colton G.
    Bright Lights

    We've only used these temporarily once to light the way for a walking path. The LED lights are very bright. We charged them under the sun for about 6 hours before we used them and they lasted through the night. The on/off feature is great (the switch is on the bottom).
    We haven't tested them long-term or left them outside for very long. So, we don't know how well built they are or if they'll stand up to the elements over time. Hopefully, they do since we do like the look of them and how bright they are.

    Sarah M.
    Love these!

    After a really sunny day pulling up to my house when it’s dark the lights look stunning I bought two packs and put them all the way along the sidewalk I live about half an acre off the road and you can see them from the road there are even prettier and brighter up close I will definitely be buying these again in the spring when I redo my flowerbeds and put out solar lights the ones that I got last year from Lowe’s are not even close to that bright as the czar plus they broke or the lights went out they didn’t even last one season hopefully these remain bright and I can just add to them I would definitely recommend them to someone.

    Nicole Heffernan
    Awesome lights, just the perfect color

    These are awesome! Now granted I just put them up but so far they were easy to assemble and look amazing. A few things to address with some of the reviews I've seen.....

    Try to angle them or place them in spots where the sun will hit them evenly. You will have some turning on or off at different times because…well….the earth rotates around the sun. It’s not because the product is faulty lol. Our sun doesn’t just sit at high noon and shine down directly all day then go away.

    I always spray mine with a clear UV gloss so they don’t go cloudy and charge as efficiently as possible, this has not happened but you never know.

    I also put ours in with 2 inches of space up from the ground to protect from sitting rain and mold etc.

    Overall, these are a great deal for 12 lights and they look sweet!

    Manju Gurjar
    100% Recommended

    Really a big fan of these lights. I have arranged this as spotlights to my favorite flowers slowly blooming up for spring. These were super easy to install as each was packed individually and I did this with my son. The lights were already on may be because it sensed sunset when we were installing and we took this immediate pictures. I really think they are easy simple but very classic looking. I wish to put some more near drive way someday.

    Ruthie Moore
    Quite the steal

    Saw a sort of similar light at my local hardware store but these were half the price so I passed, glad I did. The lights were easy to assemble, but not all the post aligned with the holes. This will not affect the function or my review. The lights are esthetically pleasing, bright, and they stay on all night! I put them in my landscape and I’m placing a second order so I can illuminate my walkway.

    Ward Rahim

    The backyard was pretty dark, but I only wanted an ambient glow along the walkway, and these were perfect for that. Had them assembled and in the ground in under 10 minutes even as an older women, it was easy to do. It’s pretty much rained everyday since they were put in, and it did not have any effect on them at all. They look fine in the day, the recessed look is visually appealing, and at night they just seem to magically emit light. Just the right amount of glow for a smaller area, will be ordering more for other areas! Very happy with the purchase so far!


    I was amazed at the compact shape and design. I was a little skeptical that they would not line the driveway which is what I needed to make it easier for me to pull into my driveway at night. I was pleasantly surprised, they came charged up. All I had to do was put the legs together, place those on the light itself and then sink them into the ground. I don’t know how well they’re going to do in the weather, I don’t know how long they’ll keep their charge but right now they seem to be doing very well. For the price you can’t beat it.

    David B.
    Solar Garden Lighting

    When located in direct sunlight, these lights perform as advertised, fully meeting expectations; as such, caution should be taken to avoid positioning lights in shaded areas, which would obscure access to direct sunlight.