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Outdoor All In One Integrated 80W LED Solar Street Wall Path Light for Home & Garden- 8000 Lumens

Outdoor All In One Integrated 80W LED Solar Street Wall Path Light for Home & Garden- 8000 Lumens

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Brighten Up Your Yard with This 80W Solar Street Light

Brighten Up The Dark With The Power Of 8000 Lumens

  • The brightness of our outdoor wall light is several times that of traditional light bulbs. This 80w solar street light 8000 lumen has super-bright LEDs that will instantly illuminate the dark.
  • The modern outdoor wall light is intended for use in a variety of lighting applications, including commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, street and pathway lighting, playgrounds, farms, parks, and large-area residential lighting.

100% Energy Saving, Cutting Down Your Electric Bill

  • There is no need for electricity because wall-mounted solar light is powered by the sun and can provide full night illumination after being charged by the sun, saving energy.
  • Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity, which is better for the environment. The large capacity battery can save up to 100% of the energy. With its amazing rechargeable battery, it can light up for the entire night.

Weatherproof & Designed To Take A Beating 

  • This solar street light is water-resistant. It is resistant to a wide range of weather conditions and outdoor environments. You won't have to worry about rain or sun damage.
  • The LED wall light is simple to set up. Simply attach the slip fitter to the round pole, then place the light on it and tighten the screws. Which is simple to install by a single person.


  • Make sure the switch is correctly in the "on" position, check by covering the solar panel with your hands, see if the light turns on automatically.
  • Install the solar product correctly where it can get direct sunlight. 
  • Duration of light depends on the solar product's level of sunlight exposure, geographical locations, weather conditions, and the length of daytime.
  • If the solar panel does not light up after it has been used beyond 8 - 12 months, remove and replace the rechargeable batteries.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works as advertised.

The item worked great. Illuminated our gate perfectly. The only complaint I have is material is weak where the light mounts to the pole. Snapped off in high winds. Found it laying in the dirt solar panel glass busted. Could use some strengthening in that area.

Philip K.
Bright up my backyard

It is very bright and nice light. I use it in my backyard. The best things is it recharge from sunlight, we got full day sun in backyard and it works perfect for us. It help me a lot while I need to take case of the garden during the evening. Very happy to have this light. Telling all my garden friends about this.

Michael Ethan

Exactly what I needed for my side yard where there is no power. Perfect for when I can’t see to go out and water my plants at night or need to check on my dogs when they’re barking at nothing. It’s much larger than I expected as well but that’s a good thing. Super excited about this and we will see how long it last.

Steve D.
I am happy with the lamp. It works very well.

The product arrived very quickly very safe without any damage. Very well packaged.

Alexander Mason
Quick, easy light solution!

Wanted some extra light around the pool but lack of power limited options. Bought this lamp based on some reviews and have it a try. I temporarily mounted on a PVC pipe to make sure I liked it

Raida K.
Quick and easy outdoor lighting solution!

Larger than I expected and bright. It was the perfect solution for a barn without electricity and easy to install. The remote control is a bonus.

Billy M.
Good Purchase

I purchased this solar light for my storage shed located in my backyard when my old solar light died. This one is very easy to install and much brighter than my old one, I also like it comes with remote control. Not only for a street light it’s fit for the backyard too. They need to put a screw tool for the big screws but it’s still good.
Like it with remote and radar.

Henry A.
Meets Expectations

Works great as a back up light for any Situation I used it at night for castrating for shrimp and it worked great the whole night

Cody Oliver
Very bright and worth the money

They are plenty bright and the remote it really nice. I ordered 3 of these and one didn’t work out of the box. I let it charge the next day and still nothing. Took it apart to find a bad wire connection. Easy fix and now it works great.