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Solar Cylindrical LED Pathway Lawn Light

Solar Cylindrical LED Pathway Lawn Light

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Effortless Illumination with Automatic Light Control and Energy-Saving Solar Power

Wire-Free Convenience and Energy Efficiency

  • Efficient Solar Conversion: Advanced panels maximize energy absorption, ensuring reliable lighting even in low-light conditions.
  • Wire-Free Operation: Powered by solar energy, these lights require no extensive wiring, simplifying installation and maintenance.

Weatherproof Design and High-Capacity Power

  • Water-Resistant: Built to withstand outdoor conditions, this solar cylindrical lawn light is water-resistant, ensuring durability and reliability in all weather.
  • High-Capacity Power: Featuring a 6000mAh rechargeable battery, this light offers long-lasting performance, providing consistent illumination throughout the night. 

Dual Lighting Modes for Versatility and Warm Ambiance

  • Dual Lighting Modes: The solar cylindrical lawn light offers both standard white light and warm light options, providing versatility for different settings and moods.
  • Warm Light Ambiance: Featuring a warm light effect, this solar light creates a cozy atmosphere, perfect for enhancing outdoor gatherings or adding ambiance to landscapes.


  • MAKE SURE the switch is correctly in the "ON" position, check by covering the solar panel with your hands, to see if the light turns on automatically.
  • Install the solar product correctly where it can get direct sunlight. 
  • Leave the switch to the "ON" position.
  • Duration of light depends on the solar product's level of sunlight exposure, geographical locations, weather conditions, and the length of daytime.     
  • If the solar panel does not light up after it has been used beyond 8 - 12 months, remove and replace the rechargeable batteries.
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Customer Reviews

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David Y

Perfect👍I recommend this seller with your eyes closed.

Tyler H

Very happy with my purchase. It's like in the picture. I recommend this seller.

Nicholas L

Everything correct very nice to see what they last and swallow fast. Thank you

Joseph C

I always buy solar lights here, all very good. Plastic little thing is pulled so that the pile🔋Work and garment. Is solar cool

Andrew T

Light fixture🔥Looks super👍The Solar Light up only in the dark, How much the battery is enough has not yet been checked, while it only worked for a couple of hours😅

Daniel A

I loved! It was my dream to have this solar lighting I am very happy with the purchase.

Joshua M

Hi, thank you very much, everything arrived very quickly which I am glad thanks to all the equipment, which works very well, thanks to the seller, the lights are beautiful, I put them in the garden, they look great, give you bless you always a big hug.

Matthew D

I have already installed them, I will see how they look at night. Good price and quality according to price.

Christopher W

I recommend! It looks very good. Packed very well. It came very quickly. I'll be ordering more.