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Solar Powered Waterproof LED Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Powered Waterproof LED Motion Sensor Lights

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Light up your yard without having to pay for electricity

Suitable For All Weather

  • Our Outdoor solar sensor lights are made of high-quality material that is both waterproof and fog-proof. Solar sensor light is ideal for use outside, on rainy and sunny days, in the summer and winter.
  • The best option for gardens, driveways, garages, outdoor walls, and so on. It can light up your home at night, whether it is raining or snowing.

Energy Saving & No Electricity Fee

  • These Motion Sensor Lights adhere to the global enerctricity bills every month; it only needs to be exposed to sunlight to charge.
  • Wireless motion lights are easily installed on the wall using the included screws; no cable or wire is required. You can put them anywhere you want.
Wireless motion lights

3 Intelligent Lighting Modes

  • MODE 1 (Constant light mode): turns on automatically at night and turns off automatically during the day.
  • MODE 2 (Dim light sensor mode): Dim light when no movement is detected, full brightness when movement is detected.
  • MODE 3 is recommended (Sensor light mode). When there is no movement, the light is turned off; when motion is detected, it is turned on fully. It will use less energy and be better for the environment.
Motion Sensor Lights


  • Confirm whether the switch is turned on or off.
  • It's a light sensor, so it can't work during the day; it only works in the dark.
  • Charge for a period of time before using again.
  • Check to see if anyone is moving within the detection range.
  • Ascertain that the solar sensor light is located within the detection range.
  • Confirm that the installation instructions are correct (the solar panel must be facing the sky).
  • Don't put anything on it so that solar panels can receive sunlight.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Very bright and easy to direct the light

These Solar Powered Outdoor Light Spotlights are very bright and it's easy to direct the light.

You get two lights. They can be staked into the ground or attached to a wall or fence. Because they are solar-powered, you can place them anywhere because no wiring is needed. You just want to make sure they will get sunlight every day to power the battery. Also, when mounting on a wall, keep in mind that you will need to clean off the solar panel from time to time as dirt will decrease the solar absorption.

These are surprisingly bright. I placed them on a walkway and it makes a huge difference! Great price for the quality and brightness.

Dora L.
Outdoor Solar Light 3 Motion Sensor Modes Light, this is a bright and quality LED light.

They have three intelligent sensor light modes: induction mode: when people come, the light is on, when people go, and the light is off; always-on mode: the light is off during the day, and the light is always on at night; dim light + induction mode: people come to highlight, people go low and light. No Wiring Required, Easy Installation, just use the two supplied screws. This is a quality product and I give it a 5-stars rating.

Ross H.
Great Find!

I have bought three types of motion sensor solar light but this is so far the best out of the three suppliers that i found in my time looking. Great light and works perfectly. Seller is also responsive. Great product and great customer service, really just a winning combination for your yard, and your wallet.

Keaton S.
Brighhhhhtt lights

Ignore the mess. We emptied our sheds and have been doing major lawn/garden work. I purchased these because we take our trash out the night before the garbage trucks come to pick it up. We have in the past used flashlights which are extremely inconvenient especially if there is lawn maintenance trash and you loose a hand to the flashlight when you sometimes need both. Having these lights has made a huge difference. All of them work well except 1 has 1 out of the 100 LED's Not working. To me that is a non issue. Only one bad LED out of 600 is surprising and obviously does not affect the brightness on a perceivable level and I probably wouldn't notice it but I was the one to install them and select the operating mode. I am happy with these lights and since they are mounted on a pvc fence I used outdoor guerrilla double sided tape which I know will last at least two years in a saltwater environment so it should be fine for a lot longer at my house. The motion sensor is not extremely sensitive and a human being or large animal is needed to activate the lights. Squirrels, possums, raccoons, and other small animals would unlikely activate the lights unless they were to knock a trash can over. Altogether I am very happy with the level of brightness, the motion activation, the ability to select a 0 mode which deactivates the light completely, and the quick shut off once the area has been vacated. I highly suggest purchasing these for security cameras, areas of frequent access at night, or just as ambient lighting with the always on low power mode.

Keith C
Easily the best in the price range!

I used velcro for easy installation. Super bright, wide coverage, reliable motion detection. I have used the product for a month and the lights that
I have placed around my house in locations getting no more than 2 hours of sunlight during the day, are still functioning perfectly. Well made reliable product. Bottom line - can't beat it at this price!! I would certainly recommend to others.

Life saver!!

This has been a life saver. My porch was extremely dark and I needed something to light up my porch. It was easy to install the solar panel on it is such a plus no batteries or charging it needed.

Jaylynn J.
Simple to install

The lights arrived in time. They were simple to install. The light is bright. The only thing I'd change is the time it stays illuminated. It goes off too quick.

Great Product with Super Easy Installation

I bought this pair of solar power exterior lights (motion sensors) for a couple of areas outside my house. They worked right out of the box and took only 5 minutes to install. They are super bright and no need to worry about running any electrical wiring. Great value and I will probably add about 4 more fixtures to my house.

Helen N.
Outdoor Solar Lights Made Easy

I was pleased with how fast the lights arrived as well as how well packed they were. They looked as pictured and seems to be easy to put up. Although I have not been able to put them up due to weather, and now a leg injury I can’t wait till I can. I feel they will provide the needed light.