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Stainless Steel Solar Pathway LED Outdoor Lights (12 Pack)

Stainless Steel Solar Pathway LED Outdoor Lights (12 Pack)

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Light Up Your Yard With Lights That Are Built To Last

Super Bright LED Design

  • Solar outdoor pathway lighting effect on the ground with super bright illumination beautifies and lights up your garden every night, creating a very charming effect.
  • To illuminate the night, install the lamps on the walkway, patio, garden, driveway, lawn, yard landscape, or any other outdoor location.

Save Energy & Auto On/Off

  • These LED outdoor pathway lights are powered by the sun; no electricity wire is required; simply remove the isolator from the solar cap and insert the stake into the ground. These lights turn on automatically at night and turn off at dawn!
  • The built-in on/off sensor detects the onset of nightfall or inclement weather and automatically turns your lights off and on, eliminating the daily maintenance required with traditional lights.

Weatherproof & Quality Material

  • No need to be concerned about rainy or snowy days because these outdoor pathway lights with stainless steel shells and sturdy glass can operate normally in all weather conditions.
  • The long-lasting construction keeps these solar path lights from rusting or letting in water or dust.


  • Install the solar product correctly in a location that receives direct sunlight.
  • Choose an outdoor location that is away from other light sources at night, such as street lights. It may also fail to turn on automatically at night. The light sensor is extremely sensitive and ensures that the solar panel does not come into contact with light.
  • The duration of light is determined by the solar product's exposure to sunlight, geographical location, weather conditions, and the length of the day.
  • Remove and replace the rechargeable batteries if the solar panel does not light up after 8 - 12 months of use.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Harrison S.
Nice looking lights

I bought these solar LED lights to put in the landscaping around my new patio. We just installed the patio and the landscaping around it just looked blah. I thought maybe some solar stake lights would give it some character and, of course, I was right. LOL!! I wanted lights that were solar, so I didn't have to run a bunch of wiring. I also wanted lights that would add a little light, but that weren't too bright. All I was looking for was something to give it a little ambience. These lights gave me exactly what I was looking for. They're super easy to put together. You basically flip the switch on the solar light part, pop all of the pieces together, stick them in the ground and you're good to go. I put them out in the morning and by the evening they were ready to go. I've had these around 2 weeks and they're working great. It's rained and gotten to freezing temperatures and it didn't affect the lights one bit. If you're looking for some nice ambience lights, you'll like these solar LED lights.

Dylan K.
Very Pleased

Browsed a few similar items and eventually plumped for these - do a really good job and give out just enough light in the evening to make the garden look nice. Unobtrusive during the day, and seem to reliably charge themselves in the sunlight

Opted for the 24 pack rather than the 12 pack and totally think I made the right choice here.

Duncan S.

Really pleased with these lights they took a while to arrive but they were ordered in the lockdown.

Very easy to assemble and set up though they do feel a little fragile. The ground we put them into is a bit firm and we had to use a bit more force on a few to get them into the earth, we heard a couple of small cracking noises from them as we pushed them into the ground.

They are nice and bright and really compliment the garden and they stay on for hours after the light levels drop.

OK we've had a lot of long sunny days so they are bound to be fully charged, they may not be so effective in the autumn and winter months.

Very happy with them though they are very good.

michael m.
Good little set that pack a punch of light.

They’re bright and remain bright from dusk till dawn! They’re attractive and easy to assemble. My only con is that I wish the spike that goes into the ground was attached to the metal stem of the light as to pull out of the ground with the entire unit. So that when it comes to winter and I remove them, I won’t have to dig up the spike. Other than that, they’re great!

David E.
Nice outdoor lights

These lights are pretty nice. I have some next to my pillars at the end of the driveway and the rest illuminating the sidewalk up to the front door. They are not extremely bright and have more of a yellow tint to them than white, but still, light up the walkway enough to see where you are going and they look nice. They are easy to put together and have an on/off switch inside.

Wacky J.
Great product!

We live by a pond and are trying everything to deter the geese and their babies from gathering on the lawn. Someone suggested solar lights. . . .super easy putting the lights together and setting up. . . .geese still gathering but the lights look so cool at night, we're leaving them as is!!! Thank you!

Bill L.
Light up your area with the beauty of the stars

A MUST buy. I have had so many compliments on these beautiful star-lite solar night lights. My walkway looks like the stars from the sky are reflecting on the ground. I bought more space in my flower beds and in between my shrubs. We love looking at them at night and good looking during the day. An awesome new way to create a look a night instead of the basic solar lights.

LesaEvans b.
Light without power

We needed lights near our chicken coop, but don’t have power that runs to their building. These were easy to install and have worked well. We feel much safer heading to work with the chickens when it is dark outside now. We’ve also noticed less predators coming up to the coop because of the light

Good to put anywhere.

Can be put anywhere, is affordable and works great. Brought these as a birthday gift for my cousin and she LOVES them! They light up so pretty at night and they’re super easy to install